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Do we get to fuck either of them?

are you going to update this game on Steam with part X??

i downloaded the windows version and some of the secret puzzle things are not possible to do like act 1 part 2 only has a height of 4 boxes but you need 5 boxes to have it done al the way along with act 1 part 7

Can someone tell me are there any sex scenes with the mom and sister real sex scenes like I get to bone them for real and it's not a dream or imagination like I finally get to do something with them

Really loved this game but sad the dev abandoned it


oh is that so? I played it a few months ago and saw that there was an update 25 days ago. Was that the last one?


Dev Log shows the last update was on Jun 12, 2021 on itch. Any updates on Part II or X are hidden behind a paywall on both Patreon and their website.


It's a shame that the development of this promising and fascinating game was never proper finished.

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I made it through Part 8 today as the dad very interesting game. My biggest question is is there a guide for the game


I downloaded it, then opened it, then I figured out that this game contains a lot of incests and I am deleting now. I am against contents of incest and since I didn't pass the introduction section it was so obvious. So please be advised that THIS GAME CONTAIN INCEST. 


its called Dual --> FAMILY. <-- for a reason. Its not there cuz "lol".


that dual could be a lot of things in this freak world you know. It could be two wives for example and would be awesome for a game you know.


Dunno if they're just doing false advertising, but one site has what they call version 10.2 on it:

Figured you might want to check it out in case it's a version of the game that isn't supposed to be publicly available yet


If you are looking for a game about how infidelity and incest can destroy a family, this is your game. If you are looking for a light-hearted sex game, look somewhere else.  Its obvious there will be no happy ends in this game.

Found a type o in the sons route after leaving Aunt Sarah's and going back home on the plane


Cam you make a Android Version


Hello, Kaspersky found a trojan in the dualfamily.exe, aswell as windows defender, can you check it please ?


Hello can this game play with "Joiplay"?


Just finished up to current. Well...I've played some weird games on here, including ones with loli's, and I've never had a more predatory feel than this game. The entire thing is just sad and mopy and feels of abuse. 1 star, would rate lower.


What is with this game so far? I'm at the part of the beach and everyone is so damn mopy and sad

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I really love this game, 9/10...The gameplay is quite unique and the female arts (especially milf) are so hot beautiful. Eagerly waiting for part 2 and hope  have  more erotic  story and art. The 3 mini games came right after dual family part 1 and unable to skip unread dialogs, is kinda let down. Hope wont be the same for part 2. Overall, the creator did some great job. Hats off dude!!!


*does a kickflip*

I have some mixed feelings overall. 

Hope you all find some cool games to play.


This game is... incomplete ? i don't know but there are missing parts while "playing". Like you go from scene 1 to another scene without logical link between those.

can you make an android version?


If this guy is gonna finish this game, he honestly needs to speed up the progression of sex scenes. Except for the one scene with the niece, this hardly feels like an erotic novel.

don't forget raping your aun't in the bathroom... 


GumdropGames seems to be one of those ppl who are really only active on their patreon and use for more reach but doesn't seem to care for the community there.


I mean I just finished the latest Act I - Part IX and I really enjoyed the game.  The father perspective was by far better than the son one, maybe it gets better. 

I see people here complaining which I totally understand, but you pay 5 dollars to test the game and if you liked it, just wait for the whole game to finish and then buy it. No need to pay 5 dollars for every release if you dont like it tbh.


game's been in update hell for 2 years now, thought it was funny seeing this game here.


understandable, you are not wrong

Focus less on DF releases, what you did in the game and etc. and more on providing a summary of what the game is about.


On one hand I liked reading through the son's story, I came here to give good feedback,but on the other, scamming ppl is BAD, not worth my time giving good feedback to this.


Damn, still no updates I'm curious how the stories end.


essa poha nunca tem atualização, nao vale a pena pega


Yeah, truly this developer is milking the cow for whatever he can get away with.  I subscribed, paid $20, DL'd all the available content, and was fantastically disappointed.

The "Legacy" version (posted here), is all the game you will get, even if you pay.  The "legacy" version is 3 years old and I think it was created by someone else.  The content available on his Gumdrop site is a collection of boring "music videos" and no real game content or nudity.

As of this writing, I am struggling to get unsubscribed.


I'm still confused is it being updated or not because it said part 10 is coming?!


Let's hope that happens


you won't find the dev updating here to the latest version, as the poster says below.  the dev is very obviously a scam artist.  He is trying to milk this for as much as he can, which is definitely not worth it. I mean $4.99 for a single small part? that should tell you all you need to know.. an absolute rip-off.

Thanks that helpful, still wonder how it ends.


It doesn't, that simple


Man do I feel sorry for anyone that buys this outdated no longer updated game.

It is still really good but the "creator" has turned scam artist and won't/can't finish this version


the father side dude

it's sad and happy

it made cry a little

great father and I mostly didnt cry to any games

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The son side with karen it really hit me hard. I don't know how i felt this emotional towards a fictional character. The girl is just getting treated like a piece of trash.


Also just realized. The first game you cried on is a lewd game. Sheesh now that's stuck on your mind


I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I like the animation, the renders, the character design. Even the story is compelling and well-written! The dad's a bit neurotic to say the least, but hey, what can you do, right? As others have said, there's hardly any sexual renders for the very protracted story that occurs along the way. What sexy business does occur is steamy, but at least the father MC is, as I said, neurotic AF about how this and that is so wrong, how no one can be trusted, and so on, which is definitely a detriment from what little sexiness can occur.

You do spend an arguably ungodly duration reading through a lot of internal dialogue, which can detract at times from the sexy potential of the story. Father MC is guilt-addled, trying to salvage (or go scorched-earth on) his marriage, while getting close with his daughter. By the end of the nine chapters, I hadn't even exited platonic relationships with anyone. The story's there, the potential's there, but it's been a slow burn. I believe @sycopter's claims have merit, and there's a tier system on the developer's website that isn't fully clear to me. I'm still not clear on what the CE edition contains, but I'd be happy to be a Patron with the promise of more development to come.

As it stands, absolutely check it out the free legacy edition. It's text-heavy and light on steam, but the characters are beautiful, what scenes exist are well-rendered, and the potential is there. It's just a matter of the developer communicating with the community about the roadmap for what comes next! Hope to see more. :) 


dear developer, I want to tell you I am not a member of your Patreon but I have access to everything in your top tier, no there is no point looking for me anywhere, as I am not a member.

But you see I have this moral dilemma only you can solve.  you make quite a fair bit of money on Patreon, yet on here this website you charge people for outdated updates and think it's acceptable to do this, that is a pretty shitty thing to do to people who are helping you to test and play this game. 

I am going to ask you one time to stop charging people for old updates, and we both know the updates on this site are outdated compared to the updates in your Patreon, lets not waste time playing games!

I think it's more than fair that after a month or less depending on you, you release your latest update to your fans here, your wider game testers, bug finders etc.  Instead of trying to railroad them into paying for old updates. 

I am going to leave it here to see if you remove the charge and keep it off for all itch updates.  what you sell separately from your game is not my concern and I am not interested.  I am interested in the fact you robbing people when other developers would dream of doing what you have done.  You are essentially kicking your fan base, those who continue to test your game after a patch release to the community.

I am going to ask you politely and kindly to remove your charge for any update on this site since your already rocking enough money in your Patreon from your supporters.  If people want to rate your game they can do so by donating if they can afford to. 

What you have done is pretty shitty. Only you can make this right by removing it and keeping it off on each update, do what other developers do, keep your latest update in your Patreon for as long as you want but less than 4 weeks.   I will not ask you again, I expect to see the charge of 4.99 permanently removed for everyone! 


No one cares.


I care. He is right.


Bro release date of dual family part 10


Why this game is not made for android 

There's a moded version (PC version ported to Android)

where to find it


Why does these games (Most of them) have malicious Trojan Wacatac viruses?


does this have a virus??


No it doesnt.


There just scaring you into not getting this.


Dude, run the freakin' Windows Defender. I'm just concerned and affraid of installing the game because of the warnings from my PC.


What're the rules behind others continuing abandoned games here because this interests me?

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SO MUCH wasted potential. Don't worry folks.

 if the devs doesn't continue this, someone else will. 


the dev isn't abandoning this, it's just neglected. check the Development Log


The development log just has some cringy video with 80's style percussive beats showing character models doing random things. It means nothing. 

Who would? This game is putting me in a cliffhanger, game really wants you to feel emotional. Im really hoping someone will continue this before i get old


Damn. Looks like this game was abandoned almost a year ago without any significant cutscenes for the son or father gameplay.


I liked the game but for how much content is in it for public release, it's kinda meh. I also don't like how there's a "relationship" bar for different characters and it's pretty much pointless for what's in it so far. Also kinda meh that basically, it's only mother/son or father/daughter relationships. It's not even moving towards being able to have a brother/sister relationship basically. It all revolves around those two relationships.

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